As part of of service, we identify back-up solutions and carry out risk-failure management. So in the event that your paramedics turn up knowing about colds and sniffles, but have no certification for motorsport injuries, this will trigger automatically a backup plan, calling in a reserve supplier who has already identified personnel who can be at the track within an hour, or where this was not possible, other specialist medics who can work alongside the uncertified medics. At some events, we have medically trained marshalls who can be pulled in to fill temporary gaps. We’ve also planned for the critical event where multiple drivers are injured removing all medical cover for the event and how to deal with this. It’s all part of medical coverage. (In fact, we don’t rely upon medics bringing certification to the event, as part of our control systems, the medics attending are notified in advance and their credentials provided well in advance for checking).

Where there is a panel with assigned roles such as Clerk of the Course, CMO, Rescue Co-ordinator, Chief Marshall, they’ll each get a small pamphlet in advance checking that they’re meeting not only standard criteria but any event-specific or championship-specific requirements, including ensuring the medical and rescue crews are equipped with FIA firesuits and fire-helmets.

Our combined fire & safety expertise can provide you with an efficient solution to your event safety requirements, including planning for capability to remove drivers who have to be cut from cars and placed into life-saving stable induced comas.  (Fortunately we’ve needed neither of these so far).

Whether you’re providing track and crowd support to 3,000 visitors or 30,000 visitors, we’ll co-ordinate combined ‘Response Teams’ using Medic-trained Firefighters and Fire-trained Paramedics operating out of high-speed 4×4’s to stabilise a scene and report back to our Operations Manager who, working alongside the Security Stewards only mobilising Ambulances if required, and we’ll event have provision to call up Medical Helicopters if necessary. Our Co-ordination team on site will collating information in to an operations log for every event, to assist in both better slicker future operations as well as H&S related reactive monitoring and accident reporting and post-race assessment.