There is nothing more frustrating than trying to co-ordinate all of the things that you need to organise immediately before the race, just as you should be greeting the teams and the drivers and track VIPs.

At this stage of the event, your job should simply be to sit back and watch a carefully co-ordinated event come to fruition. Planned properly, every contingency is neatly co-ordinated and organised in a logical sequence.

For example, there’s little point in having curbs painted if they have grills alongside which need bolting down or if they need repair or alteration before the race. If your pits are organised in current championship order, then you don’t want teams arriving not knowing where they’re supposed to pitch their awnings and wagons. If there’s a team arriving with a track-side hospitality unit, you don’t want to find out on the day it arrives and have to move everything to fit them in. You don’t want your pit fire extinguishers arriving on practice day if the teams have been setting up and servicing cars for 2 days before hand.

Our contingency planner starts from the first time we provide services for you and is built up over the weeks coming up to the event.

There’s a separate service log and timetable which identifies

  • every supplier
  • their contact details
  • the time and date when they’re supposed to be setting up
  • contingencies dependent upon the supplier
  • exactly what they’ve been contracted to do.

….And you can log in online to see a summary of the contract and the full contract, the costs, when they’re due to be paid and other key information.

So you should be able to see that at 10:30 at a given date, your concrete trackside barriers will arrive, with a map of their locations and the arrangements for being able to fit them and that at 13:00, your tyres arrive for fitting together with specialist crash barriers.

When the rescue crews arrive, you will get an alert to identify when they’re supposed to arrive, another one that they’ve arrived, the person responsible for checking credentials will also be alerted by text and once they’ve had credentials checked, they’ll be briefed about locations and general briefing times and you’ll get clearances.

There’s also an online system showing at a glance the progress of any particular supplier. Once everything is green on your track list, the track is ready to go. Of course, you’ve still lots of other things happening but it’s all timetabled….

And we’ve even thought about the nightmare scenario of a supplier failure. Whilst supplier failures a few  days before the event are relatively easy to resolve, it’s the on-day failure that can be critical.

As part of of service, we identify back-up solutions and carry out risk-failure management.